Borrillo Torrone Baci
Borrillo Torrone Baci Borrillo Torrone Baci Borrillo Torrone Baci

Product: Almond and hazelnut nougat covered with dark chocolate.

A bite with Mercato: Sweet nougat with almonds and hazelnuts balanced by a rich dark chocolate. The taste is worthy of writing home about, but the packaging adds that extra ‘yell from the hills about how great these are’ quality.

Producer: Borrillo

Region: Benevento, Italy

Product Information: Torrone is a traditional Italian nougat that is typically eaten around the Christmas period, but can be enjoyed any time of year.

Producer Information: In 1891, an idea from a knight sparked the creation of Borrillo’s deliciously crunchy chocolate bar. After working for several years in a famous pastry shop in Naples, Knight Innocenzo Borrillo returned to San Marco dei Cavoti, armed with his scrumptious secrets. Borrillo wanted to use this knowledge to make a product of his own and so the creation of the famous Croccantino – a bar of hazelnuts, almond and sugar, submerged in dark chocolate – was born. The legacy of products Knight Innocenzo Borrillo created continue to have the same effect as they did in 1891 - they leave a smile with every taste!

Size: 180g, 340g, 800g