Loison Filone Lemon

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Product Description: A naturally leavened loaf-shaped cake filled with plump and juicy sultanas and candied lemon peel covered in a Piedmont hazelnut IGP coating. 

Producer: Loison

Region: Vicenza, Veneto

Ingredients: Wheat flour, Candied lemon peels and ground (14%) [Lemon peels (53%), Sugar, Glucose-fructose syrup, concentrated lemon juice], Fresh EGGS raised on the ground, Sultana raisin (11%), Hazelnuts icing (11%) [Sugar, Egg white, Sunflower oil, "Piemonte" PGI Hazelnuts (4%), Pre-cooked rice and Wheat flour, Natural flavors], Sugar, Butter (Milk), Natural sourdough yeast* (Wheat), Emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of vegetable origin fatty acids, Inverted sugar, Fresh Egg yolk raised on the ground, Salt, Wildflower honey from Sicily, Milk's proteins, Natural flavors.

Size: 450g

Producer Info: Loison has been committed to producing Italian cakes and pastries since the 1930s when Tranquillo Loison bought a small bakery in Motta, Costabissara. Tranquillo passed his passion and traditions on to his son, Alessandro and grandson, Dario. Third generation of Loison, Dario now operates the business alongside Sonia Pilla, Loison’s branding stylist. Dario continues to push boundaries to bring his innovative creations to reality. He works with a team of chefs to craft Panettone that have now become notorious for their elegance and refinement.