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Australia’s Best Italian Restaurants Bound Together in A Big Red Book

We are very excited to see that Imma has been featured in the new edition of the Broadsheet Italian cookbook which has just been released!

Broadsheet Media is all about celebrating the best. Whether it’s through its print and digital editions, or through its growing book collection, Broadsheet provides a platform to lift up the best of Australia’s food, culture and style.

Italian food is a cuisine that’s approachable for all levels of cooks. Broadsheet have included essential recipes that every cook needs on hand and some challenging ones for those that are up for it.

The Broadsheet Italian Cookbook includes recipes from the very best Italian restaurants in all cities – from traditional to progressive such as Osteria Oggi, Lucia's, Neil Perry's Rosetta Risorante, Grossi Florentino and many more!

Italian culture is such a great passion-point for Australians, with so much of our modern cuisine being influenced by Italian post-war immigration.
Every recipe comes with a short story behind it, and the restaurant from where it originated. With photography by renowned Australian food photographer Mark Roper, the essence of each dish is beautifully captured both in word and picture.

The Broadsheet Italian Cookbook is bold and beautiful with a striking red cover designed by TYCK Design, and it comes at perfect timing for Christmas, being the perfect gift for foodies and book collectors alike.

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